Remembering The Days of 200B

Six Crazy Guys; One Crazy Apartment

200 South Frederick

What is 200B?

During the 2000-2001 school year, Jeff Carlyle, J.D. Chapman, Ryan Dillman, Brent Lahaie, Chris Myers, and Kyle Myers crammed into a three-bedroom apartment at 200B South Frederick Street on the campus of the University of Evansville in Evansville, Indiana. The six guys had been friends since their freshman year, and during their junior year, decided to live together for their senior year. A year full of adventure ensued.

Jeff, J.D, Ryan, and Kyle graduated from UE in May of 2001. Brent followed suit in December of 2001. Chris married his wife Terri in October of 2002 and finally graduated in May of 2004. Ryan wed his wife Lindsay in August of 2003. You can learn more about what each of the roommates are up to today by following the links next to their pictures below.


Chris Graduates
Posted on 25-May-2004 10:23AM CDT by [Jeffrey Coleman Carlyle].

On May 8, 2004, Chris Myers finally joined the rest of the former 200B roommates and graduated from the University of Evansville.

I've added a few photographs from the event here.

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200B Motivational Signs and Kyle and Jeff Decorate the Harlaxton Christmas Tree
Posted on 3-Sep-2003 8:21PM CDT by [Jeffrey Coleman Carlyle].

As you might imagine, six guys living an apartment can create quite a mess. At one point during the school year we developed a mouse problem. Our neighbors, who were all females, blamed us for the mouse problem, but the mouse came into out apartment last.

Tired of living in squalor, we developed a series of signs to help motivate us to keep the apartment clean: (all signs are in PDF format)

I also ran across a couple of pictures of Kyle and I decorating the Christmas tree at Harlaxton during the fall semester of 1998 and uploaded those to the photo galleries.

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Ryan is Wed
Posted on 18-Aug-2003 5:29PM CDT by [Jeffrey Coleman Carlyle].

Ryan was wed on Saturday, August 16, 2003. All of the 200B roommates, save J.D., were able to make it to the ceremony, and, of course, we took pictures!

See photos from Ryan's wedding.

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Wedding Bells Are Ringing
Posted on 11-Aug-2003 12:39PM CDT by [Jeffrey Coleman Carlyle].

This coming Saturday, August 16, 2003, Ryan will become the second former 200B roommate to get married. He will marry his fiancée Lindsay Jean Hays in Paoli, Indiana.

I'll be attending the ceremony and am looking forward to the chance to see Ryan and some of my other former roommates. I'm hoping they'll all be able to make it.

-- Jeff
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The Roommates

In alphabetical order by last name.
Jeffrey Coleman Carlyle
Jeffrey Coleman Carlyle
James Douglas "J.D." Chapman
James Douglas "J.D." Chapman
Ryan Wayne Dillman
Ryan Wayne Dillman
Brent Allen Lahaie
Brent Allen Lahaie
Christopher Lee Myers
Christopher Lee Myers
Kyle Jamison Myers
Kyle Jamison Myers

Photo Galleries

2005 200B Reunion
Photographs from the 200B reunion in January 2005.
Chris Graduates
(May 8, 2004) Chris finally graduates from UE.
Ryan's Wedding
(August 16, 2003) Ryan Dillman married Lindsay Hays in Paoli.
The Final Weeks at 200B
(April and May 2001) Our last days at 200B.
200B Tour
(April 5 and April 11, 2001) A photographic tour of the 200B apartment.
Home of White House Shooter Robert Pickett
(Feb. 7, 2001) Evansville man Robert Pickett was shot in Washington by the Secret Service after firing shots towards the White House. Kyle and Jeff visited his house the same day.
A Thunderstorm and a Bird at the Feeder
(Feb. 5, 2001) Interesting cloud formations as viewed from our apartment.
200Bird Feeder
(January 21, 2001) Brent, J.D. and Jeff decided it would be nice to have a bird feeder in the front yard.
Kyle and Brent's Birthday
(Dec. 2, 2000) Some pictures from a birthday party we threw for Kyle and Brent.
Our Christmas Tree
(Nov. 27, 2000) The boys of 200B put up a Christmas tree.
Victory Party
(Nov. 7, 2000) We held a party on election night to watch the election results... The election went on all night so, so did our party.
Gretchen's Wedding
(Oct. 14, 2000) Jeff and Ryan traveled to Columbus, Ohio to see our friend Gretchen get married.
Bicycle Rescue
(Sept. 2000) Brent, Kyle, and J.D. had a flat tire during a bike trip through Evansville; Chris and Jeff came to the rescue.
A Rainy Soccer Game
(Sept. 20, 2000) The view Arad McCutchan Stadium from the 200B front door during a soccer game.
The Tomato Incident
(Sept. 17, 2000) A tomato finds its way through an open window.
The Cookout
(Sept. 7, 2000) Brent, J.D., and Kyle grill out steaks in the 200B front yard.
Brent and Ryan Fight
(Sept. 5, 2000) Brent and Ryan make fools of themselves in our front yard.
Team Dillman
(Sept. 4, 2000) It takes all of 200B to successfully send Ryan off on a jog.
200B Mascot
Chris' pet lizard.
Christmas at Harlaxton
(Fall 1998) Kyle and Jeff decorate the Christmas Tree at Harlaxton.
Miscellaneous Images
Various images related to the 200B website.
The Friends of 200B
Some friends of the 200B roommates.
Ryan and Jeff as Freshmen
Ryan and Jeff were also roommates their freshman year. This photograph was taken by their friend Cyndi Ozaki during the spring semester of 1998.
Cookie Monster:
The 200B contribution to the "all your base are belong to us" craze. The craze reached its height during the 2000-01 school year. The 200B roommates did a dramatic reading of the "all your base" script one evening on the campus radio station, WUEV.