Remembering The Days of 200B

Wedding Bells Are Ringing

Wedding Bells Are Ringing
Posted on 11-Aug-2003 12:39PM CDT by [Jeffrey Coleman Carlyle].

This coming Saturday, August 16, 2003, Ryan will become the second former 200B roommate to get married. He will marry his fiancée Lindsay Jean Hays in Paoli, Indiana.

I'll be attending the ceremony and am looking forward to the chance to see Ryan and some of my other former roommates. I'm hoping they'll all be able to make it.

-- Jeff
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From: The Stud Posted: 12-Aug-2003 10:06AM CDT
Is this working??? Hello??? Hey, I thought Ryan was never going to get hitched. It must be a cold day in #?!* Here's to you and your fiancee. ( sorry, don't know how to do the accent ). Peace and Love
From: Jeff Carlyle Posted: 12-Aug-2003 10:14AM CDT
I always thought he would be the second to get married, after you, Chris.

Here are my next predictions:
3. Brent
4. Kyle
5. Me
6. J.D.

Though I don't expect any of those to happen anytime soon.
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